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Conduct #Live 🔴 Online Classes

  • Teachers can now arrange live online classes as well.
  • Students can learn right from their home.
  • Students can discuss their doubts right from there.
  • increases their productivity.
  • You can also arrange parent teacher meetings online through conferencing as well.
  • Principal can even arrange meeting with all teacher through conferencing as well.

#School Feeds

  • Teachers can share any kind of motivational information,pics,videos content. .
  • FIles can be shared to cover all audience in one go.
  • School Announcements.
  • Engaging parents with quality content you post.

#Share Your Screen With Students

  • Share your screen with others.

  • Easily present your ideas.

  • Upload and store your recorded videos in cloud easily.

#Organise Test/Quizes

  • Dedicated Quiz/Test Portal .
  • Easily add questions with diagrams.
  • Organise weekly test to Check student understanding.
  • Analyse Quiz/Test Performance.
  • Add Audio/Video Instructions to students.
  • No need to purchase seperate test portal,Get Complete Package With #YesTeacher.

#Send Test Instructions To Students

  • Upload and add your instructions to test/quizes.

  • Make them understand the test pattern.

  • Wish them a sweet good luck 👌 before attempting test.

  • Your little guidance can improve their performance.

Design And Save Test/Quizes

  • Design And Modify Test/Quizes.

  • Create Quiz/Test Prior To Exam Dates At Your Convinience.

  • Easily Assign And Modify Saved Questions.

  • Preparing Questions And Saving It In Case You Need It Later.

  • With #YesTeacher Designing Test Is Much More Easy Than Creating It On Microsoft Word.

#Analyse Test In Real Time.

  • See student test scores in real time.
  • Easily keep track of performer.
  • Track performances.
  • See the fastest performer.

₹ Pay Teachers Salaries Easily

  • Now pay all teacher salary all at once with just one click.

  • Track status of all payments.

  • Teachers can check wether they have received their salary.

  • Analyse spend records of each teacher.

#Easily Add Balance

  • A dedicated account for your school.
  • Easily add balance to make salary payments.
  • Cheapest Payout Charges At ₹ 1 Transaction Charges Per Transfer.

#Spend Analysis

  • Analyse all your spending easily.

  • Track payment status.

  • Instant refund for failed payments.

#Class Performance

  • Detailed analytics about each class.
  • Teacher or Principal can analyze the class Performance. so that they can easily decide which student needs to improve.
  • Give proper attention to students who deserve your support.
  • Filter students based on rank.

#Subject Performance

  • Detailed analytics about each subjects.

  • Graph based metrices are used to make parent's understand better.

  • Easily get to know in which subject child has to work hard.

  • Filter students based on subject marks.

#Test Wise Performance

  • Tracking each specific test gets easier with our advance analytical section.
  • You can easily analyse all test taken for that subject.
  • Filter students based on test marks.

#Track Assignments

  • You can also track who's viewing the assignment. So that the information is available right at your fingertips.

  • A dedicated assignment portal is made to ease your work.

  • File's Upload feature is available, where Teacher can upload timetable,Exam Syllabus,Test Dates or any important document on immediate basis.

  • Teacher can group the same assignment to multiple classes as well. Parent's will be notified by an sms whenever a particular assignment is added for his child.

  • Student can upload their assignment easily.

  • Easily monitor which student has seen the assignment and have uploaded their homework.

#Face Recognition Based Attendance

  • Teacher (Mentor) can mark the student's attendance by just clicking their group photos.
  • In case,Teacher doesn't want to take the attendance in this manner then they can take the attendance mannualy as well.

#Faculties Communication

  • All your school related Activities can be shared among teacher's.

  • Easy Communication among faculty members to share their important files or informing each other about a specific task.

  • Communicate without disclosing your mobile number.

#Your Salary Credits At One Place

  • See your salary credits at one place.
  • No need to ask Accountant everytime and confirm wether salary was credited or not.

#Group Your Files And Share With Others

  • Easily share files with other teachers.

  • Group All files together and send easily.

  • Your school workplace.

#Instant Messages

  • Teacher or Principal can send some important message's directly to student's parent by SMS informing them about the student activity.
  • The best thing is that they can select a specific class all at once or a particular student.

Requesting Teacher Gets #Easier

  • Request teachers to update account details at one click.

  • Update Your Bank Account Details Instantly.

Multiple #Child Profile

  • Parent's can access their multiple child profile from the single dashboard.
  • They don't need to Sign In from different ID's, Just a single ID and have access to all their profile's.
  • Easy switching among the profiles to manage your workspace.
  • If a teacher is also a parent i.e his children studying in the same school then he/she can access their profile's from the same dashboard without signing from different ID's.

Add Your #Events

  • Teacher and parent can add up their desired events.

  • Parents can add up his child related event so that he/she can remember it later.

  • Teachers can add up their task in the events,Like on what date he/she has to take the surprise test, when to show the test copies to the students and many more task like this.

Never Miss An #Update

  • Instant Push Notification.
  • Parents will never miss an update, Any Activity can be viewed inside In App Notification.

Instantly #Block Users

  • Instatntly Block Any Users

  • You Can Block A User In Case Of Misuse. For Example You Can Block Accountant Access To The App.

#Download Student Performance Report

  • Instantly download performance based report cards.
  • Report cards are available as soon as you assign student marks.
  • Advanced performance based report cards where things can be analysed thoroughly,Not like traditional report cards where respective marks are shown.