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YesTeacher is a school performance monitoring app. It helps parents and schools to analyse the child.
Teach students with a tech driven world.
It's just a career counselling before actual career counselling takes place

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Conduct #Live 🔴 Online Classes

  • Teachers can now arrange live online classes as well.
  • Students can learn right from their home.
  • Students can discuss their doubts right from there.
  • increases their productivity.
  • You can also arrange parent teacher meetings online through conferencing as well.
  • Principal can even arrange meeting with all teacher through conferencing as well.

#School Feeds

  • Teachers can share any kind of motivational information,pics,videos content. .
  • FIles can be shared to cover all audience in one go.
  • School Announcements.
  • Engaging parents with quality content you post.

#Share Your Screen With Students

  • Share your screen with others.

  • Easily present your ideas.

  • Upload and store your recorded videos in cloud easily.

#Organise Test/Quizes

  • Dedicated Quiz/Test Portal .
  • Easily add questions with diagrams.
  • Organise weekly test to Check student understanding.
  • Analyse Quiz/Test Performance.
  • Add Audio/Video Instructions to students.
  • No need to purchase seperate test portal,Get Complete Package With #YesTeacher.

#Send Test Instructions To Students

  • Upload and add your instructions to test/quizes.

  • Make them understand the test pattern.

  • Wish them a sweet good luck 👌 before attempting test.

  • Your little guidance can improve their performance.

Design And Save Test/Quizes

  • Design And Modify Test/Quizes.

  • Create Quiz/Test Prior To Exam Dates At Your Convinience.

  • Easily Assign And Modify Saved Questions.

  • Preparing Questions And Saving It In Case You Need It Later.

  • With #YesTeacher Designing Test Is Much More Easy Than Creating It On Microsoft Word.

#Analyse Test In Real Time.

  • See student test scores in real time.
  • Easily keep track of performer.
  • Track performances.
  • See the fastest performer.

₹ Pay Teachers Salaries Easily

  • Now pay all teacher salary all at once with just one click.

  • Track status of all payments.

  • Teachers can check wether they have received their salary.

  • Analyse spend records of each teacher.

#Easily Add Balance

  • A dedicated account for your school.
  • Easily add balance to make salary payments.
  • Cheapest Payout Charges At ₹ 1 Transaction Charges Per Transfer.

#Spend Analysis

  • Analyse all your spending easily.

  • Track payment status.

  • Instant refund for failed payments.

#Class Performance

  • Detailed analytics about each class.
  • Teacher or Principal can analyze the class Performance. so that they can easily decide which student needs to improve.
  • Give proper attention to students who deserve your support.
  • Filter students based on rank.

#Subject Performance

  • Detailed analytics about each subjects.

  • Graph based metrices are used to make parent's understand better.

  • Easily get to know in which subject child has to work hard.

  • Filter students based on subject marks.

#Test Wise Performance

  • Tracking each specific test gets easier with our advance analytical section.
  • You can easily analyse all test taken for that subject.
  • Filter students based on test marks.

#Track Assignments

  • You can also track who's viewing the assignment. So that the information is available right at your fingertips.

  • A dedicated assignment portal is made to ease your work.

  • File's Upload feature is available, where Teacher can upload timetable,Exam Syllabus,Test Dates or any important document on immediate basis.

  • Teacher can group the same assignment to multiple classes as well. Parent's will be notified by an sms whenever a particular assignment is added for his child.

  • Student can upload their assignment easily.

  • Easily monitor which student has seen the assignment and have uploaded their homework.

#Face Recognition Based Attendance

  • Teacher (Mentor) can mark the student's attendance by just clicking their group photos.
  • In case,Teacher doesn't want to take the attendance in this manner then they can take the attendance mannualy as well.

#Faculties Communication

  • All your school related Activities can be shared among teacher's.

  • Easy Communication among faculty members to share their important files or informing each other about a specific task.

  • Communicate without disclosing your mobile number.

#Your Salary Credits At One Place

  • See your salary credits at one place.
  • No need to ask Accountant everytime and confirm wether salary was credited or not.

#Group Your Files And Share With Others

  • Easily share files with other teachers.

  • Group All files together and send easily.

  • Your school workplace.

#Instant Messages

  • Teacher or Principal can send some important message's directly to student's parent by SMS informing them about the student activity.
  • The best thing is that they can select a specific class all at once or a particular student.

Requesting Teacher Gets #Easier

  • Request teachers to update account details at one click.

  • Update Your Bank Account Details Instantly.

Multiple #Child Profile

  • Parent's can access their multiple child profile from the single dashboard.
  • They don't need to Sign In from different ID's, Just a single ID and have access to all their profile's.
  • Easy switching among the profiles to manage your workspace.
  • If a teacher is also a parent i.e his children studying in the same school then he/she can access their profile's from the same dashboard without signing from different ID's.

Add Your #Events

  • Teacher and parent can add up their desired events.

  • Parents can add up his child related event so that he/she can remember it later.

  • Teachers can add up their task in the events,Like on what date he/she has to take the surprise test, when to show the test copies to the students and many more task like this.

Never Miss An #Update

  • Instant Push Notification.
  • Parents will never miss an update, Any Activity can be viewed inside In App Notification.

Instantly #Block Users

  • Instatntly Block Any Users

  • You Can Block A User In Case Of Misuse. For Example You Can Block Accountant Access To The App.

#Download Student Performance Report

  • Instantly download performance based report cards.
  • Report cards are available as soon as you assign student marks.
  • Advanced performance based report cards where things can be analysed thoroughly,Not like traditional report cards where respective marks are shown.

#Summary In Just Single Video

How #YesTeacher.App works?

No Setup Needed From Your Side.

No Setup Needed From Your Side

We will setup everything for you,because it's our responsibility.

We will add every student,teachers,admins profile.

Use The Application

Download the Application on your mobile.

Enjoy the features!

That's it,We told you it's simple nothing to be done from your side.

Cheapest #Pricing

We don't believe in making money,We believe in improving education industry.



  • ₹ 20 Per Student Per Month.
  • Pay Us Monthly,No Annual Payments Required
  • App Promotion In Your School
  • Physical Report Cards Delivered At Your DoorSteps.
  • No Hidden Plans.



  • $ 0.5 Per Student Per Month.
  • Pay Us Monthly,No Annual Payments Required
  • App Promotion In Your School
  • Physical Report Cards Delivered At Your DoorSteps.
  • No Hidden Plans.

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